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We are a funded, early-stage start-up with high ambitions and a social mission at its core. At ETIQ we are developing a software solution to help identify and mitigate algorithmic bias. Whether it's in policing and sentencing, recruitment or financial products, people's lives are impacted by automated decisions on a daily basis. The algorithms that drive these automated decisions are often biased against certain demographic groups. At ETIQ, we want to help prevent and mitigate these biases so that technologies like ML and AI can help promote equal opportunity and not amplify inequality.

So far we have focused on our core technology and we are now building our full product offering and scaling our capacity. We are looking to fill our development team with proactive engineers that love to work across multiple technologies and whose impact will be visible from day one.

Job brief

We are looking for a Software Engineer to be a key part of building our debiasing platform. This role will involve a mixture of the following: building applications/setting up APIs and/or front-end development. You will work with an experienced Senior software engineer and with the data science team which builds the ML models at the core of the platform including AI researchers from Bath University and Edinburgh University.

This is a key role which will allow the successful candidate to help define the design and delivery of our product. To be considered for this role you should:

  • Have a proven track record working as a developer. Ideally, a minimum of 3 years working across multiple projects end to end.
  • Have a range of real-world experience across a number of technology stacks. We are using Python with a bit of C++ however, you should be comfortable with building and delivering solutions using the right technology to address the problem at hand.
  • Have experience in developing integrations with third-party software through API’s and SDK’s.
  • Be comfortable working on both traditional and web-based applications.
  • Have worked with various database technologies including traditional SQL and NoSql.
  • Have worked with various cloud PaaS providers. It would be advantageous to have proven experience of cloud deployment and configuration and use of container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

This will be a fast paced and challenging role. We will be working to tight deadlines in order to deliver our full MVP in a matter of months. It is key that you are an ambitious person who will thrive in developing our core ML packages into a fully fledged product that will end up impacting millions of people’s lives for the better.

Remote work is a possibility, but we are looking for someone who is also UK based and who has UK work authorization

Culture & benefits

  • We have a clear mission which helps drive our day to day decisions.
  • There will be EMI based, stock options available which will vest over 4 years.
  • We offer a competitive salary.
  • We are a female founded start-up and between the core team we have 3 toddlers.
  • We understand that results are much more important than facetime & our mission is key to who we are.

To apply

Email us your resume and details with cover letter at

* We're not working with agencies for the role.