Why Does Bias Matter

A Step Closer Towards Trusted AI

Skewed data is one of the common causes for biased AI models. As machine learning models increasingly make automated decisions about a wide variety of issues such as policing, insurance and what information people see online, the implications of their recommendations become broader. This tool helps encourage the teams who build these models to think of, find and mitigate the negative biases these models amplify at the earliest possible stage before time and money is wasted on biased training methods. The tool can also help these teams avoid reputational threats to the company they work for, prove that they are trying to meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR or discrimination laws and, more generally, build services appropriate for a variety of groups in their consumer base.

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Simple Steps

The tool is very intuitive with no onboarding set up needed.

Data Security

There is no need to send data out for diagnosis and the audit will be performed in your local and private environment.

Partnership Approach

Regardless what industry or sector your business is in, we can work with you to develop a solution.

What Is Efficiency

Efficiency is
Identify and Mitigate Early

Don't wait until your AI has been fully trained to realise it's biased! Start from day one, from today to avoid wasted time and money on your project.

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Ethical AI makes a better world

We Believe In the
Social Impact of the Fairer AI

We believe automated decisions can be utilised to create a fairer process, an equal opportunity for everyone. So people from all walks of life will be able to benefit from it.

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How Does it Work

Our Beta Version

No complex integration is needed. We use a phased approach. Just a few clicks and questions for initial recommendations or go in depth for a full scan of your data

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Fairer and more efficient Artificial Intelligence

The Bias Detector can be used with data from ANY INDUSTRY

Customer Behaviour

We analyse real time data from your customers' behaviour whether it's shopping habits or loan repayments...

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Facial Recognition

We help you to mitigate problems around facial recognition and test your machine vision applications to make sure they work for all different groups of people.

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