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A Step Closer Towards Trusted AI

The ETIQ Engine helps teams who build machine learning models find and mitigate negative biases at the earlier possible stage, before time and money is wasted training a model on biased data. ETIQ helps companies avoid reputational threats, meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR or discrimination laws and, more generally, build services appropriate for a variety of groups in their consumer base.

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ETIQ Debias

For data scientists, a proprietary debiasing package to help you transform data at the pre-processing stage.

ETIQ Explore

For commercial teams, an insights platform to help you understand which groups of customers are at risk of being treated unfairly and what can you do about it.

ETIQ Explain

For both tech and commercial teams, a software solution to helps you understand and substantiate the drivers behind machine learning models.


Different Solutions Based on Your Needs

ETIQ provides 3 types of solution based on your needs and where you are in your journey towards implementing ethical machine learning models. Are you just starting to look into this topic and want to raise awareness in your company? Do you already have a complex machine learning model suite and want to mitigate and identify biases? We have different modes of engagement that can work for you.

Existing machine learning suite

Debiasing and
explainability software package

ETIQ provides cutting edge software to tackle the bias problem speedily and effectively. We can install ETIQ within your own cloud environment. After the first install your teams can use ETIQ on their own, but we can provide on-going support as needed. We can also offer ETIQ as a hosted cloud solution.

Looking to add machine learning?

End-to-end solution
with embedded ethical outcomes

Using our proprietary technology we provide machine learning solutions which optimize for both accuracy and fairness, ensuring you don't miss out on those customers that other solutions might overlook. Our ETIQ Explore feature will provide you with the needed transparency to ensure the algorithm's decisions are in line with your ethical framework.

Develop team awareness

Workshops & training
on data and ethics

We know companies are just beginning to tackle algorithmic bias and the other ethical issues that accompany using deep algorithms and rich datasets. We provide workshops and tailored training for your staff, be it commercial teams or data scientists, to increase awareness and understanding of how to identify and solve this problem.

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About Us


Paul Resnik, entrepreneur

"I have been very interested and encouraged by the work of Etiq in the space of algorithmic bias. Algorithmic logic is fundamentally human and therefore can be readily biased. It is essential, in our increasingly digital world, that test creators effectively manage their biases. Etiq, in my opinion, is at the cutting edge of biases awareness." Paul Resnik, entrepreneur - Founding investor of. Transact (Platform, publicly listed), FinaMetrica (Risk tolerance testing), and SECCL (Platform technology)

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